Northern Extrusion
Molon Excavating

Products and Capabilities

Here at Northern Extrusion we stay right in our wheel house and in the Polyethylene family. With the relationships with some of the best color houses in the country we are able to match and produce and color under the sun. 

Sheet Capabilities:
  • THICKNESS - .060-.400
  • WIDTH - 10" - 100"
  • LENGTH - 2"- 192"
With Rollstock capability coming in the near future:
  • Textures available are Smooth/Smooth,
  • Haircell/Smooth, Fine Haircell/ Smooth,
  • Matte/Smooth along with Matte/Matte
 We also have the ability to run laminate overlays in the Extrusion process from stripe, to many varieties of films.